Top-Goal was founded by Marcel Ferreira, with the objective of providing our customers with marketing services that manage ROI (Return on Investment) and for

achieving this goal we focus on valuing the brand of our client and building efficient mechanisms to generate the necessary results.


We are a new agency in the market, with experience in the generation of value, since from the founder to the employees of the company, we have an focus on the costumer.

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How do we work

1. Analysis / Briefing

We start by analyzing the goal and then analyze your audience, competitors, goals and needs to identify project requirements.

2. Planning

We organize all content and begin the creation of the layout that will define the concept of the project, the structure of construction, and the navigation architecture.

3. Development

Based on planning, we have developed the project always focused on meeting the needs of the target public. We send the result for the client to validate.

4. Tests / Revisions

With client’s participation, a verification is performed to validate the completion of the project. The idea is to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Publishing

Once the verification is completed, the project is published and the work is completed .

6. Online Marketing

If the project is online, the next step is to prepare the website for search engines (SEO).

We are a lean agency, with fair price and great quality!


We are located where you are !

We are located close to you no matter where you are. We know how to generate results and we have local collaborators who make communication more efficient. We work with scheduled visits and we are globalized.